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Our practice features waterlase® dentistry.

For years, doctors have used lasers to care for their patients, such as with vision correction, removal of skin blemishes and in a number of surgical procedures. Waterlase® dentistry technology was developed specifically to treat multiple oral conditions safely and comfortably. With many procedures it is possible to use less anesthetic, and in some cases, no anesthetic at all.

Dr. Patterson is a certified waterlase® dentistry clinician. The waterlase® laser system combines laser energy and a spray of water through a special fiberoptic instrument to aim precisely at the areas to be treated.

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Treatment of Soft Tissue
Because of its gentle action and coagulating capabilities, the waterlase® performs many procedures on the gums with little or no bleeding and less post-operative swelling.

Dental Restorations
Waterlase® dentistry can be used for cavity preparation for fillings and removal of decayed areas. Dr. Patterson also uses it to roughen tooth surfaces prior to dental bonding procedures or for preparing small grooves and pits in dental enamel for sealants.

Root Canal Therapy
The waterlase® is an effective tool in root canal therapy and is clinically proven to destroy harmful bacteria that cause tooth infection.

Cosmetic Gum Contouring
Patients with "gummy" smiles that make front teeth appear irregular in size or shape are often ideal candidates for laser gum sculpting. Dr. Patterson uses laser dentistry to reshape the gum line and improve natural smile appearance or to enhance cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Relief from Cold Sores and Fever Blisters
The dental laser can provide immediate relief from painful cold sores and fever blisters.

Treatment of Periodontal Disease
Dental laser technology can be used to remove debris and bacteria between a patient's teeth and gums that can cause periodontal disease. Laser periodontal therapy has been shown to reduce bacteria and may even help stimulate gum tissue growth.

Think you might be a candidate for laser dentistry? Contact Us to learn more about waterlase® dentistry and explore your options!

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